Correct Swing Path With Different clubs

The swing path your clubs travel along is determined by several factors. One of the absolutely most important is how you set up.

How your stance is and where the ball is varies with different clubs - obviously!

A driver is much longer than a 9-iron - but the right swing
is easier to set up to than you think!

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And then just let he Pro in the video show you how simple it really is ....

As an aside - you may be able to tell the flex of your club shaft (?), but do you know the length of the shaft?

Over the years it seems clubs get longer shafts, especially drivers. They used to be 43 inches, now they are closer to 45.

The thing is - the longer the club the more difficult it is to set -up and swing properly.

If you find it difficult you might try shorter clubs - the result could surprise you in a positive way!

Watch the short video and then practise!

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