Secrets Of Better Golf Revealed!

These 4 DVDs reveal secrets of better golf as shown by a PGA Pro, and they will change your golf game!

Lower scores, improved self confidence, better golf rounds ...

Your friends'll be impressed and you'll be happy!

DVD 1: The A-Z of The Long Game - From Tee to Green!

Secrets of better golf is as much about putting as driving. But a long, straight drive sets you up for an enjoyable game.

Fluff this first shot and it is embarrasing and humiliating.

From now on it won't be!

(No more buying drinks on the 19th ... your fellow players will pay!)

These are just a few of the many videos on the first DVD , all done by a PGA Pro:

Secrets of Better Golf DVD 1 Avoid the four common mistakes that lower even the most competent golfers score.

Two crucial insights to perfect stance - the wrong posture kills your swing.

Revealed here: the pro's grip for swing success, including the grips Tiger Woods and Jack Niclaus used to become top golfers.

Consistent swing demands consistent technique - no swaying.

How to hit the sweet spot every time.

And much, much more ...only USD 24.95!

And you have a full 60 days "try it and see"!

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The Long Game Video - Instant Access!

DVD 2: The A-Z of The Short Game - Around and on Green.

Now that you are getting close to the green you want to stay in control. And that's what the second DVD is all about!

Here are some more professional secrets of better golf:

PGA Pro's know their stuff!

Master putts, chip and pitch shots to consistently hit your target.

And make bunkers your friend! The Short Game of Golf Amaze your golf partner with your bunker skills.

How to avoid this mistake in the bunker and get out with one shot.

There are no impossible slopes - up-slope, down-slope, hard lies - none of this matters when you learn the techniques of the pro's.

Line up for the perfect putt.

When to putt and when to chip and run - know the difference.

Use these two practice drills to become really, really good at the short game.

And much, much more ...

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The Short Game

DVD 3: The A-Z of Golf Practise - Practise the Right Drills.

When your Long Game and Short Game is getting good, it's time to practise the right moves and cement the results - you need the third DVD!

Secrets of Better Golf Secrets of better golf from the PGA Pro's!

This is what you must do first if you want a perfect drive off first tee.

How a football can improve your golf swing.

The Ben Hogan techniques to get distance and direction right.

Five drills to bring your game to "par" standard.

Make your practise easier with the right equipment.

And much, much more ...

All this for only USD 24.95!
And 60 days to try - it's riskfree!

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The Practice Video

FREE Bonus DVD: The A-Z of Course Management and Etiquette.

Golf is a game with history and tradition going back hundreds of years. By knowing the unwritten rules you will be regarded with respect by other players, even when you visit another club.

And not only that - learn how to "read" the course before you tee off to maximise your success.

Learn to "read" the course and never put a foot wrong!

Golf etiquette The fourth DVD gives you all this - and more:

Do you know how to use the whole tee box to avoid trouble?

Learn to keep to the fairway and avoid the rough.

How to set up for a draw, a fade or a curve shot - and when to use them.

A simple tip how to handle fairway slopes.

How this one simple action before chipping to green gives you more control.

Avoid penalties by following these putting etiquettes!

And much, much more ...

This video on "Course Management and Etiquette" can also be ordered as a separate video, downloaded within minutes.

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How To Read The Course For Your Benefit!

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You can spend a fortune on professional coaching, and a lot of time. Make no mistake - professional instruction is absolutely brilliant but once the lesson is over, how much do you remember? And for how long?

Bad habits tend to come back quickly ...

In just 93 minutes of watching these DVDs and a little practise in your home or garden, you will improve your game.

And you can pause and replay as much as you want.

The secrets of better golf will not be secret any longer!

Can it be simpler or easier?

Priceless value for money - only USD 24.95 strong>

Remember, you have an unconditional, cast iron 60 day guarantee.

Just return the DVDs if you do not feel they improve your game.

No quibbles, no hard feelings.

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PS: What would dropping your handicap a few points do for your game?

And your self confidence?

These 4 DVDs will show you how!

Bunker shot PGA Professional player Henrik Stensson is not fazed by this bunker ... and neither will you be once you watched and practised the drills in this DVD set!

PPS: Nothing beats a session with your pro - but this DVD set complements the lessons and make them really count!

It's like having a PGA Pro in your living room ... revealing his "Secrets Of Better Golf"!

PPPS: Remember it's completely risk-free!

You have 60 days to watch and to practise.

If you don't feel the PGA Pro helps you play better - then simply return the set for a prompt and full refund!

You can't lose!
Not only do you get 93 minutes instruction from a PGA Teaching Pro, you can rewind it and repeat and really make it stick - making it equal to several hours of lessons - and all this for only USD 24.95!

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