This simple putting tip will guaranteed lower your score!

Here's a putting tip to lower your score by judging distance and lining up the putt.

Most golfers spend more time trying to hit the ball further from tee than practising putting.

When you realise that putts comprise a whopping 43% of the total shots played, then you understand why good putting can bring big benefits quickly.

This is a very simple drill to make you judge distance once you have lined up your putt.

Using no complicated aids or special putters.

Putting Drill With Eyes Closed

Place 10 balls on your practice putting green and then place 4 tees in the green. One tee 10 feet from your balls the next tee at 20 feet, the next tee at 30 feet and the last one at 40 feet. Then you're ready practise this putting drill to the first tee (i.e. the tee 10 feet away).

And go through your entire pre-shot routine for each putt but before you're about to stroke your putt close your eyes.

When you close your eyes you have gone through the process of lining up the putt corrrectly, your stance and your set up is as it should be.

Then make your stroke, hold your finish and guess where the ball will finish in relation to the first tee you put in the ground.

Then open your eyes and see how accurate you were.

Complete this for 10 putts and then go and grab your balls and then repeat this for the 20 foot tee. After that do the same exercise for the 30 and 40 foot tees.

As putting tips go, it can't be simpler!

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Initially you'll find this quite tough to do, but with practice you'll get very good at guessing where your ball is going to finish in relation to the tees in the ground.

With practice you may even find that you prefer to putt the long putts with your eyes closed.

Just experiment and see (no pun intended).

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