How To Play Bunker Shots!

To play bunker shots you have to understand that you actually should NOT hit the ball. That's unlike all other shots you play on the golf course.

Don't hit the ball!, hit the sand behind the ball and let a cushion of sand take the ball with it.

So bunker shots needs a different technique to work.

OK, easy to say - how to play the perfect bunker shot then?

Your stance should be open to the target, your club should be open and your golf swing should be on an out- to -in swing path.

I do not recommend you change your grip, however. Try to get used to a good, consistent grip, and use that in all situations.

Otherwise you'll easily be confused and mix things up, much better to have a "standard grip" so you don't have to think about it. Use a similar grip for tee shots and fairway shots and bunker shots!

Here's a more detailed explanation of how to set up!

Focus on the sand, not the ball. Train yourself to simply hit the sand behind the ball, and let the sand carry the ball with it.

How hard to swing?

Hitting through sand requires about three times as much swing as a shot of the same distance played from fairway.

In other words, aggressive swing is good when it comes to bunker shots.

You want to accelerate the club through the sand, leaving a roughly foot print sized divot of sand where the ball was.

See how much sand this golfer takes?

Remember what I said at the beginning - this is the only shot in golf where you are NOT supposed to hit the ball!

Many golfers find that hard to do.

If you don't do it right two things happen:

You hit the ball - and you get a "fat shot", going nowhere at all.

Or, you hit the sand behind the ball but not accelerating the club through the sand. This will lead to a short shot, that might not even get the ball out of the bunker!

So how to play bunker shots?

Well, here's an easy way to learn:

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On page 19 you'll find an extremely simple yet surprisingly effective exercise to take the fear out of bunker shots.

Go For It - And Good Luck!

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