Pilates For Golf Makes You Play Better Rounds!

You've heard of Pilates, haven't you? But possibly not about Pilates for golf?

Why is Pilates for golf such a good idea? Isn't it mostly pretty young ladies with exercise balls? Pilates exercise

Let's start with a quote:

"… the only real guide to your true age lies not in years or how you THINK you feel but as you ACTUALLY are is infallibly indicated by the natural and normal flexibility enjoyed by your spine…"

Joseph Pilates, 'Return to Life Through Contrology'

This is a quote from the founder of Pilates (who first called it "Contrology").
Notice the bit about the flexibility of the spine?

Grab your Pilates training NOW - prevent injury and be a happier golfer!

Well, the golf swing is a Lot about your spine! If your back and your core muscles are strong you will find it easy to develop a powerful and consistent swing.

And that is why Pilates is so useful!

You might not want to - or have the time - to train as much as the professionals do nowadays, so Pilates is a perfect way to build flexibility and strength.

And flexibility and strength will not only help your swing, it will help prevent injury as well. Backpain and golf

Ok, so here are just a few of the many advantages of Pilates for you as a golfer:

@: alleviates and prevents lower back pain

@: improves your posture

@: improves your balance

@: better co-ordination = better golf swing

@: tones bum, thighs, arms, shoulders

@: stronger stomach muscles = you get a flatter stomach

@: improves joints - no cracking knees

@: gives you greater flexibility = less risk of injury

@: makes you feel younger!

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