On Fairway - The Perfect Golf Swing Advances The Ball Every Time!

The perfect golf swing for the fairway - this is the "heart of golf", so to speak. You've hit a solid and straight drive, and now you need to get close to green as consistently as possible.

So you need to have a reliable, consistent golf swing, but also learn how to assess the course itself.

Here are some of the basics - (you'll find much more on other web pages):

* Pre - Shot Routine

* Set - Up

* Posture

* Ball Position

* Grip

Start by developing a pre shot routine:

Assess your lie.

Where is your target?

What club to use to get you down the fairway safely?

Where is the wind blowing from?

Is the grass wet or dry, does the course have inclines, are there hidden bends, doglegs .... look at what you will encounter on fairway before you are there.

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Perfect golf swing!

Even before this golfer tees up he's made a decision where he wants to land the ball.

Today most pro's seem to be able to get to green in 2 strokes, except on the very longest par-5's.

But that's a pro.

If you regularly score a 100 your first goal is to consistently hit the ball every time.

If you want to break 90 the goal is to be able to predict where the ball will go.

And when you strive to break 80, your goal is to fine tune your swing and grow your awareness of the importance of proper course management.

And at all levels the mental side of the game is paramount .... eliminate mental mistakes and attitudes that lead to wasted shots.

So what are the keys to the perfect swing on fairway?

You want consistency, precision and power, all in one package.

Start with the set-up.

Doing this properly can solve a lot of swing problems.

Feet and shoulders should be parallell to the target line.

The right hand on the club is lower than the left hand, meaning yourn right shoulder will be slightly lower than your left one.

(This assumes you are right handed, otherwise simply mirror it)

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The ball should be about 2-3 inches inside your left heel and your hands slightly in front of the ball at address. And of course, the grip is crucial to get that perfect golf swing!

You simply can't check your grip enough. Making sure it is correct should be a vital part of your pre - shot routine.

A simple way of checking your grip is set up with a 5 iron, with the ball exactly midway between your feet.Then take your right hand off the club and let it hang free.

Look down on the club - you should see three knuckles on your left hand.

Then put the right hand back and check your grip stays the same.

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