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No PayPal account - and you don't trust it?

Fair enough - if you don't want to open an account right now you can still order, but it'll take longer.


Simply send a cheque to:

"Nordic Light Publishing"

"Lower Foxhole" Elm Gate Saltash PL12 4QY

United Kingdom

The cheque must be made out in the correct amount and to "Nordic Light Publishing".

(Put "DVD", "Fix My Slice" or whatever it is you're ordering on the back of the cheque.)

IMPORTANT! You MUST provide your email address and/or your physical address (if you are ordering the DVD set.)

If you forget this I have no way of knowing where to send your purchase or even return your cheque.

You wouldn't like that ....!

By the way - if you want to stay safe online you can download a short but succinct eBook that'll tell you exactly how to surf and order on the Internet - safely and knowing you're OK!

How to avoid spam, ID theft and much more ...

Just click on the link below and download the book - it is in .PDF format. Make sure you know where it downloads to on your computer (I suggest the desktop).

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