Is Ladies Golf Different From Men's Golf?

Is Ladies Golf different from Men's Golf?

In some ways it is, in most ways not. The swing is the same, the goals are the same, the equipment is the same.

So why pay particular attention to ladies golf ?

Golf for women is surely pretty much the same as men's golf?

Well, I think there are two main things that are interesting:

One, women are generally slightly smaller, with smaller hands and will usually hit the ball with less force.

Two, women are usually less "aggressive" in their play than men - they are more likely to simply enjoy a round of golf with friends and less likely to view it as a deadly serious competition.

(And before you read on - this is a simplification, don't get hung up on it!!)

Annika Sorenstam

There have been many great women golfers over the years, names like Patty Berg (1937 - 1958 with 15 major wins), and Louise Suggs (1946 - 1959, with 11 major wins, come to mind.

But I'd say that the woman who firmly put ladies golf on the map is Annika Sorenstam, the first woman to take part in the LPGA Tour.

10 major wins and an international celebrity in the golfing world!

Annika symbolizes the "simple" way to swing. Looking at videos you see how smooth and "flowing" her swing is.

Her attitude is also revealing. There is a story saying that once she was discussing a difficult shot with fellow Pro Jesper Parnevik, who is known not just for his colourful clothes, but also for his penchant for "trick shots".

Jesper was musing, "I could hit a hook around that tree there, or maybe slice the ball over there to get a good lie for the next shot ..." and so on.

Annika looked at him and said "Why don't you just hit the ball onto the green?"

Ladies usually are not so technically fixated as us blokes ...

How often have you seen a hard hitting young man driving off tee 250 yards or more (but into the rough!) being beaten by a woman driving "only" 150 yards (but straight!)?

I have.

And I do think women golfers also look at the aspects of golf that are uniquely interesting to women.

Things like the social aspect, the fashion image of golf (pink golf bags anyone??), fitness training geared to womens needs, and much more.

Ladies golf clubs are different.


Ladies are often shorter than men - so they should have shorter clubs.

They also often have a lower swing speed - so they should have a more flexible shaft.

They usually have smaller hands - so they should have smaller grips.

I could go on - but instead I will refer you to an excellent site about golf for women Hosted and produced by a woman, naturally.

It has tons of tips how to choose clubs, about equipment and accessories, golf apparel and much more.

Go have a look, I think you'll like it!

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