How To Putt Consistently Well

It's not coincidence that the question "how to putt well" always comes up when discussing how to play better golf rounds.

Putting can make or break your game. If you tend to three - putt, just think of your score if you consistently two - putt instead .... your score could be up to 18 strokes lower!

Did you know that at least 4 out of every 10 strokes in a given round are played on green?

So it makes sense to pay a lot of attention to your putting - learn how to putt well!

The quickest and easiest way to lower scores is to use fewer shot on green!

Here's a putting tip that'll surprise you!

Here are five crucial keys to lower putting scores:

Key #1:

Swing Back - Swing Through should be the same!

This is central theme for all good putters.

Aim for a smooth and even stroke, where the length of the putt is determined by the length of the backstroke, not how hard you hit the ball.

Key #2:

Shoulders and arms and putter are locked together in a triangle.

The work is done by this triangle swinging from right to left (assuming you're right handed), not by turning the legs or hips.

If you ask a golf pro to check how you putt he/she will pay a lot of attention to this simple feature.

Key #3:

Use a very light grip! Your hands should hinge just a little bit, just enough to avoid "freezing" your hands and wrists.

And do make sure your hands are forward of the clubhead - never behind. If that happens the ball will "jump" off the club face, and the control of where it is supposed to go is lost.

When pro's talk about how to putt better this is an important issue.

The flag tells you where to aim for Key #4:

"Read" the green before setting up. Look from behind the ball, from the other side opposite the flag and at right angles to the line between the ball and the hole.

To get a feel for how to putt and how the ball will roll, imagine how water would flow on the green.

Once you visualize how the ball will "break", you'll start to get a feel for where to actually aim the ball.

How to putt well - a 4 DVD set featuring a PGA Pro. DVD 2 is all about the "Short Game", with invaluable tips to make you putt better.

Key #5:

Pay a lot of attention to your stance. Check that you are square to target, and that your eyes are parallell to the line of putt.

If these five key elements are good, then chances are your putts will be good too.

To get these elements right, I suggest you work out a "check list" that addresses the way YOU set up for a putt.

Then use the same set up routine every time on green.

Doing it this way means you won't skip or forget any vital steps - you will know "how to putt" well each and every time!

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