The Power And Joy Of A Good Golfswing ..

A good golf round starts from tee, with a perfect golfswing. Hitting the driver long and straight builds that confidence you then carry around the course.

And landing the ball roughly where you want makes the next shot - be it from fairway, in a bunker or on green, so much easier and safer. Golfer on tee Now, we all know that hitting a driver somehow tends to mess up our golfswing.

How often do we not try to hit the ball REALLY far ... by hitting it really hard? Or, have you ever had that nagging thought in your head - "last time I topped the ball into the rough?"

Or you did hit it really far - but sliced out of the fairway and had to take a penalty?

Fix Your Slice With The Right Swing!

In the grand order of things the putter is just as important to get lower scores as the driver. But the driver is for most of us the most important club, for several reasons:

1: It sets you up for the round mentally. A good tee shot gives you confidence.

2: A good, straight and long drive makes it easier to make that birdie or par on the first hole, again increasing your confidence.

3: If your golfswing on tee is good chances are that your golf swing with your irons is good to. cartoon_swing Ok, so what do you need to look at?

You need to have a look at your equipment - is the golf club shaft the right flex?

What's the loft of the club? Sometimes it pays to use a higher lofted club!

Is your grip right for your hands?

What about alignment - are you lined up correctly to your target?

Don't forget the basic issue - is your stance, ball positioning and club set-up all right for the particular shot you are about to hit?

Do you have the right ball - ball technology has advanced by leaps and bounds over the years, and the wrong kind of ball can ruin a good shot!


Finally, make sure you take a moment to think about the fairway.

If you regularly slice the ball and the fairway has a dogleg to the right, tee up on the far right.

Better Golfswing With These 6 Powerful Drills!

This way you give yourself the best chance to land the ball away from the dogleg, setting you up for an easier 2nd shot.

And since you are trying to achieve that perfect, repeatable and consistently good golf swing, you can then avoid getting into trouble on the 2nd shot!

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