A Simple Golf Training Tip - Your 3rd Pitching Tip (Distance Control)

Here is a truly simple golf training tip, specially designed to help your pitching shots.

It works very well indeed for medium pitch distances, i.e 20 - 50 yards or so.

Go out to the practice green or your backyard..

If possible lay out some targets at specified distances

Then spend five minutes or so tossing balls underhand onto the practice green or to a set target at home.

Golf Pitching Tip 1

When you are underhand tossing the balls you should be aware of how your hand adjusts to produce different trajectories and distances.

Doing this will help your rhythm and tempo when you go to pitch a ball because the tempo and rhythm used to toss a ball should be similar to the tempo and rhythm required to hit good pitch shots. So, experiment and toss the ball at different trajectories and from different distances away from your target.

Feel and notice the difference in your actions.

Golf Back Swing Pitching Tip 2

After underhand tossing balls for at least 5 minutes then hit some pitch shots from the distances you’ve been at.

The action of underhand tossing a ball to your target is also a great tool to use in your visualization of how you want to play a shot, plus it’s also an easy action and that association will do your pitching a world of good.

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