Golf Stance For Sand - The Proper Set Up

When you take your stance remember that the rules say you are not allowed to touch the sand with the club before the shot!

So be careful ... it's far to easy to follow the normal setup and ground the club behind the ball.

When practising the proper golf stance for bunker this is an easy way to set up:

Draw a big "cross" in the sand. Number each quadrant like this,



Place your feet in "3" and "4" and the ball in the middle (your target is to the left).

Open the club, so the clubface is angled from "4" to "1", while your swing should go from "2" to "3". In other words, the swing goes out - to - in.

Your feet and shoulders should be roughly parallell to the line, but some people may prefer a slightly opened stance.

Get into the practice bunker and experiment a little to see what suits you best.

To get the best golf stance for sand, be it green bunkers or fairway bunkers, you must practice.

Before teeing up you most probably will do some practice swings and hopefully a little "warm up" as well, right?

Add some golf swings in the practice bunker to this routine.

Knowing if the sand is dry or wet can make a massive difference to your bunker shots!

Tiger Woods says this about his sand stance:

"I open my stance. I align everything - my feet, hips and shoulders to the left of the target....

I open the clubface and I weaken my grip so the club doesn't rotate to a closed position through impact.

And finally, I position the ball forward in my stance, just opposite my left heel".

You could do worse than listen to him .....

Normally for a golf swing the back swing and the follow - through are equally important.

To play a bunker shot put a bit more emphasis on the follow - through.

For short shots aim to finish the swing at about knee - high.

To get medium - length distance the club ought to finish roughly chest high, and to get that really long shot go for a full follow - through. I have a special, new, report for you to download (at no cost) straight away.

Apart from an amazingly simple yet highly effective bunker drill, it has five other incredibly useful training exercises for you.

Your game will improve, guaranteed, if you just practice these drills a few days.

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