The Golf Short Game - Pitch And Chip Is Crucial For Better Golf Rounds!

The golf short game can be a score saver - but only if you learn to be more consistent with your pitch shots and chip shots.You will not only save shots around green, you will also develop a smoother and more fluid swing rhythm .

It's not enough to have a good technique, though.

You also have to have some imagination and to be able to read the course. Loft does the work The short game is not only about a sound technique. It is as much a question of strategy and "reading" the course.

Estimating where to place the ball is quite important.

Most beginners do not plan the game, they simply head for the flag and try to hit the ball as far as they can.

But sometimes it is smarter to land the ball at a distance from green which you know you are really comfortable with.

Not hitting the ball quite so far, in other words.

Once your golf swing is consistent and your confidence is secure, you will find it natural to "plan" your game in advance.

In golf the short game is truly crucial!

A chip swing is the simplest of strokes.

It is a really short swing, with a narrow stance.

The object is to get the ball low, onto the green and to keep it rolling on towards the flag.

The key to good chipping is to keep your hands ahead of the clubhead, and hit the ball with a downward, distinct blow.

It is a shot where the ball is in a good lie with no obstacles between you and the flag.

As such it is one of the two basic golf short game swings you have to master (and it's easier than you think!) Narrow stance for a chip shot You can use (almost) any club to chip. But start with a few and get used to them. In golf the short game, like golf in general, is best played when you are confident in yourself.

The goal is to get the ball onto green a soon as possible and to keep it rolling there.

Golf Short Game - The Chip Shot

As a rule of thumb:

An 8 - iron will make the ball fly about 1/3 and roll 2/3 of the total distance.

A pitching wedge will have about 1/1 whilst a sand wedge will make the ball fly about 2/3 and roll 1/3 of the total distance.

Experiment with some other clubs to get a feel for your own shots.

Your goal is to choose a club and a swing that will land the ball about 10 feet onto green and keep rolling.

Pitching is a lob shot, where the boll flies high up - think "rain bow" - and stops quite quickly on green.

Here are five important keys for a perfect pitch swing:

* Aim your club face slightly to the right of target.

* Am slightly left of target.

* Open your stance.

* Use a calm, long swing.

* Don't "hit" the ball, the swing sweep to follow-up.

Golf Short Game - The Pitch Shot.

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