Golf Pitching Tips - Distance Control (Tip 1)

On this page is the first of three extremely simple golf pitching tips to help you "burn" distances into your mind.

Pitching will work so much better if you know in advance fairly well how far your shots will go.

Place objects at 10 yard intervals, starting 10 yards away from you.

So place an object at 10 yards, 20 yards, 30 yards, 40 yards, 50 yards etc..

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Now choose a club you normally pitch with and pitch just one ball to each marker.

Don’t hit two balls to the same object because you don’t get two chances on the golf course do you? Golf Pitch Start this drill by hitting to the closest object, then hit to the next object and the next, and so on.

But after a while of doing this mix up where you want your ball to finish.

(I told you these pitching tips were extremely simple!)

Doing this over and over again will help you to assess how far you have to swing back and through to hit your ball consistently a certain distance.

This will greatly improve your consistency on the course as long as you can easily and quickly tell distances from your ball to your target.

Most golf courses have a printed guide, where you can at a glance see distances from specified objects.

There are also markers in the fairway telling you how far you are from green.

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Having information on how far it is to your target will greatly help you in your confidence over a shot because you will be able to associate a certain distance to what you’ve practiced on the range.

These three oh-so-simple pitching tips will make a big difference to your short game.

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