Golf Exercises For Better Golf Rounds

For generations players didn't think that golf exercises and fitness hade any impact on the game of golf itself.

It didn't matter if you were overweight, or smoked like a chimney on the course - golf was a game of skill, not an athletic sport.
Probably the first professional to pay attention to strength training and flexibility was Gary Player.

And, of course, he was seen as a kind of "crack pot" to begin with.

But as performance improved in other sports once the athletes began to use advanced training techniques, so did performance in golf.

It emphasizes the fact that the golf swing is a hard move. And that a golf course is a long walk!

Ouch - back pain! Next time you walk up to first tee, have a look in the bin there.

In practically every bin I've ever seen more than half of the rubbish is discarded wrappers from pain killers - Nurofen, Paracetamol etc.

The most common problem for golfers is probably back pain. The lower back is a crucial body part, seeing as the golf swing sort of pivots around that area.

A very simple and effective cure for acute back pain is acupressure.

Acupressure doesn't involve needles and can be done in the comfort of your own home!

Here's what acupressure can do for muscle ache and back pain!

What kind of training do you need to do in order to avoid injury or pain that stops you from executing that perfect golf swing you want to have?

You want to practise stretching and bending. A proper golf swing means you have to turn your body a lot.

Pilates can work wonders, since Pilates training strengthens your core muscles and makes you more flexible.

That also means it it will reduce the risk of injury. Golf exercise - strength training

But you also need strength training to get muscles enough to get a powerful drive and long shots!

And, of course, you also need to be quick. A swing obviously doesn't work if you are too slow.
Golf exercises are not just for muscles.

Golf is very much a "mental" game. How you think, and your attitude, can make or break your game!

Your mind needs to be focused and calm - Tiger Woods is a shining example.

At the tender age of six he started using a tape with subconscious suggestions , to help him fix the right attitude and beliefs in his mind.

It has certainly worked for his golf ... (maybe there ought to be a "subconscious suggestions" audio for his private life as well)!

I am working on an online "golf school", covering drive from tee, fairway shots, bunkers .... in fact, the whole golf game!

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