The Golf Back Swing When Pitching Should Be Short - Distance Control (Tip 2)

The golf back swing when pitching must be short.

The main reason most golfers are inconsistent when it comes to pitching - is because the swing needed to hit the ball the required distance needs to be shorter than a full swing.

Now because most golfers hit full shots the majority of the time they find it difficult to make these shorter swings.

But do you know what will help?


Golf Back Swing - Golf Pitching Tip No. 1 Click Here

You’ve got to practice swinging back shorter than a full swing and then follow-through.

And here’s the most important point from these instructions.

When pitching you should always follow-through further than your backswing.

The golf back swing must be shorter than "normal".

The reason for this is simple.

By following-through further than your backswing you are creating a swing that will accelerate through the ball.

If you don’t do this, then your results are going to be inconsistent at best and disastrous at worst.

So I want you to practice a shorter swing, and for consistent pitch shots you must make sure that your ball position is the same time after time.

I suggest that you have your ball positioned in the middle of your stance as I’m demonstrating below.

Do not have it any further forward than this. Pitch Drill Pos 1

From a setup position similar to this I want you to take your club back halfway so your arm is left parallel to the ground (see picture 2). Now from this position simply follow-through, but DO NOT stop at a position similar to photo number 3 but rather carry on through until a position like photo number 4.

Golf Drill



Golf Back Swing - Your 3rd Pitching Tip

And to improve your pitching simply keep practicing this back and through motion, with or without a ball.

Remember on all pitch shots to follow-through further than your backswing and you’ll dramatically improve your consistency.

One last point.

To start with, really exaggerate the short backswing and the long follow-through. This will help.

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