Here's How To Fix Your Slice In 5 Days Or Less!

Why should you fix your slice as soon as possible?

Slice is one of the most common faults you see on the course. The ball curves to the right, often landing in the rough and costing you at least one extra shot.

(A SMALL left - to - right ball path is called a fade, and that's OK).

And really, you don't want to start a round by having to pay the "penalty" of an extra shot.

It preys on your mind and you become stressed straight away. Golfer On Tee The most common swing problem for the average golfer is a slice. And a slice robs you of distance - in one large study some years ago the average gain in length when a golfer stops slicing is 27 yards!

So learn how to fix your slice - quickly!

A slice on this fairway would be a minor disaster. It would cost you at least one shot ... not a good start to your round, is it?

Here are the fundamentals to get a golf swing that stops you slicing:

* Grip. * Stance and Posture. * Ball Position.

Let's go through them one by one:

* The grip should not be weak, rather quite firm.

* Your feet and shoulders should be parallell to the target line.

* Tilt you spine slightly to the right, this will help you to have a sort of in - to out downswing.

* Make sure your hands are slightly in front of the ball.

* The ball should be roughly in line with your left heel.

And another thing - have a think about your driver.

It seems that nowadays drivers have a loft of 10,5, 9 or 9,5 deegres, and the shafts are all graphite, and they are all 45 inches long.

(There's more info about clubs, especially shafts and grips on another page on this website. All things that'll help you fix your slice).

That's all and well but consider this:

The PGA Tour Professionals generally have a swing speed of about 125 MPH or so, and they tend to use drivers between 5 - 10 deegres loft.

Really long hitters, like Tiger Woods, have swing speeds in excess of 135 mPH, so they can actually use clubs with less than 5 - 7 deegres loft.

Now, the average golfer, who wants to break 100, 90 or 80, will normally not have swing speeds over roughly 100 MPH.

And, they will usually hit the ball less than 250 yards.

For those golfers, with that golf swing, I'd say use a driver with 10,5 or bigger loft.

Try a 3-Wood even, that might work wonders for you.

Not just to stop slicing , but to get that solid feeling when you hit the ball that floods you with confidence!

What's the reasoning behind all this?


Golf is as much in your mind as physical. When you stand there on tee with the newest and biggest driver, you will unconsciously tend to hit that ball really hard!

And that ruins your swing!

If this makes sense to you, then you'll just love the new, easy - to - follow 5 day program, guiding you through the steps necessary to fix your slice.

Remember that reading by itself will not improve your golf swing.

But reading, watching the photos, thinking about it and then practising - that'll change your swing.

Big time.

The result - no more slicing - better golf rounds!

Good Luck!

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