In Golf Power Chipping Can Shave Points Off Your Score!

When chipping it is critical to have the correct impact position when you hit the ball.

Luckily enough this drill - which is an excellent golf short game tip in itself - will also make all your other swings better.

When you hit a shot you need your left wrist to be flat and your right wrist to be bent. To get a great impact position I want you to practice your short shots. But not any old way.


I want you to practice POWER CHIPPING, and here's how.

Setup to a short shot, and then take the club back without breaking your wrists.

Swing back to the ball and make sure that your left wrist is flat at impact and your right wrist is bent.

Make sure you have a short follow-through.

Chipping And Much More - DVD 2 is devoted exlusively to the "Short Game".

You can clearly see what I mean on the photo sequence below:

golf short game tip 1

When doing this, don't worry about the results, just concentrate on the action.

Concentrate on your hands.

Do this over and over again. Once you're good at doing this then move up to small pitch shots.

In short: just break your wrists on your backswing and then come down onto the ball, making sure your left hand is flat and your right wrist is bent.

Keep your wrists like this until the end of your follow-through.

golf short game tip 2

If you do this over and over again, you won't believe how much distance you gain.

It will be a lot, but it's only going to happen if you do these exercises often.

Practise a lot, keep you mind concentrated on your hands and don't worry about distance.

The distance will come once this becomes second nature.

Good Luck!

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