Learn Perfect Bunker Shots And Lower Your Score!

Consistent and perfect bunker shots to make you love bunker play!

How good would it feel if you knew that from that green side bunker you would be on green, close to the hole, in just one shot?

Every time.

And seeing the ball land in a fairway bunker what would it be like to know that you can't just get out of the bunker - you can actually hit green! How to play perfect bunker shots The biggest problem the average golfer has with sand shots is that he/she is not supposed to hit the ball!

This means you need to have a completely different attitude to your swing when you step into the bunker.

Sand shots just are different ... to begin with, your stance is different. Here's a simple drill to get it right.

One of the keys to successful, perfect bunker shots is to have no fear.

In order to improve, learn to trust your club, your technique and last, but not least, yourself.

Let's start with some very basic fact - rules about bunkers.

1: Remember, you are NOT allowed to ground the club or touch the sand, and you cannot take a practice golf swing.

2: You are allowed to remove any man made objects, for example cigarette butts or tissues, but not natural objects.

So sticks, dead mice etc. are to be left in place ...

golf wedge for a perfect bunker shot

What club to use?

Use a sand wedge - unless you have the ball sitting on top of the sand and the sand is pretty hard packed.There may be other occasions when you shouldn't use a sand club, but normally you should.

The sand wedge is designed to "bounce" through the sand, thus making the ideal club for sand shots, as it will not dig itself into the sand and stop.

The two "basic" basics, so to speak are these:

2: Focus on the sand. Aim to hit the sand roughly 2 inches behind the ball.

3: Accelerate through the swing.

Tiger Woods has this to say about bunker shots: "If there is one mistake common among poor bunker players, it's decelerating through impact."

In order to have a consistent and strong ball contact the club head must gain speed when it goes through the sand. It's the patch of sand that propels the ball into the air, not the sand wedge itself.

4 Simple Drills To Get Better And Consistent Bunker shots!

Apart from the unusual fact that you should not hit the ball, the swing is basically pretty much the same as your usual golf swing.

But let's finish with some tips to make sand shots perfect:

1: In greenside bunkers aim for the top of the flag. Most bunker shots are too short.

2: Unless your lie is perfect place the ball at least an inch further back in your stance. The worse the lie the further back.

3: Getting out of fairway bunkers can be easy. Just remember to take at least one club more than you would from grass at the same distance.

I've put together "4 Easy Drills For Perfect Bunker Shots" for you, to really make bunkers easy.

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4 Easy Bunker Drills!

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