Acupressure Relieves Back Pain For Golfers!

Acupressure is a very effective and safe way to relieve the back pain that plagues many golfers.

The golf swing is very hard on your back and spine. Just look in the bin at first tee ... you'll find lots and lots of wrappers from pain killers! Back pain relief ...

Have you ever come home from a golf round and laid down like this to relieve your aching back?

One way to get fast help is acupuncture.

Problem is, you have to go to an acupuncturist, have needles stuck in you ... and usually you need ongoing treatment, at a cost ...

Introducing the Hedgehog Mat!

You can have instant relief from lower back pain, shoulder pain and muscle aches by spending 15-20 minutes on the unique self help aid, based on knowledge and experience going back thousands of years!

When you suffer from muscle aches the Hedgehog Mat" will bring instant relaxation, increased blood flow to your muscles and release the "feel good" endorphins into your system.

Within a few minutes you will feel yourself relax and the nagging ache starts to fade away.

It works without needles and can be used anywhere, anytime!

Read more about this revolutionary treatment here!

It's not well known outside of Scandinavia - but there it has been the best selling self help treatment ever!

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