All the information presented on this site has been tried by me, and by several others as well.

In other words, they work, and they make sense to me.

Obviously every golfer is different - your grip, your swing, your mental attitude is not the same as your fellow players.

I cannot guarantee that your scores will go down if you order my reports or purchase one of my products.

It is exactly the same as if you see your PGA Pro - he/she cannot guarantee that you will improve if you sign up for tuition.

But, chances are that your swing, and your game will get better if you listen to advice and practise what you have been told.

So, in summary, the tips and lessons here will certainly make you play better - but only if you understand what I am telling you and if you practice it regularly.

It won't do a thing for you if you just read it and then put it aside.

Makes sense?

Good Luck in your golf,

Gustaf Eriksson