Course Management and Golf Etiquette - Your Bonus DVD!

Right, you have practised your swing on the range, you are confident your stance is good and bunkers hold no fear for you.

But there is still something lacking - you lose score points because your ball lands in the "wrong" place for an optimal 2nd shot...

On this DVD Head Teaching Pro Jonathan Jacobson reveals the secrets professional golfers know and use, in 13 videos on "how to read the course", for example, and how to cope with the rough.

Golf is a game which has long traditions. All golf clubs take to their heart players who know the rules and respect the unwritten rules that make a game of golf so much easier.

That's also on this DVD.

Golf Swing

Here are the titles of the 13 short videos which you can watch again and again, reinforcing what your own Pro have been telling you.

1....Teeing Off
2....Tee Away From Trouble
3....Chipping For The Green
4....Putting Etiquette
5....Drawing And Fading
6....Hitting It Straight
7....Hitting A Draw
8....Hitting A Fade
10...Managing Slopes
13...Managing The Rough

27 minutes of "golf gold"!

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