9 Golf Practise Drills For Better Golf Rounds!

To become a good golf player you do need to practise.

But if you are like me you might find practise and golf drills hard, mainly because it is so boring!

Here are 9 videos by Head Teaching PGA Pro Jonathan Jacobson showing some effective equipment you can use to become a better player - and some easy drills that actually can be quite fun!

The titles on this DVD say it all:

1...Measuring Club Length & Warm Up
2...Resistance Board (For Leg Action)
3...Football/Soccer Drill (For Leg Action)
4...Bad Leg Action
5...Ball-Between-Wrist Drill (For Arm Action)
6...Practice Drill
7...Shadow Drill (For Hip Action)
8...Umbrella Drill (For Fixing Lateral Movement)
9...Training Clubs

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