16 Golf Videos Improving Your Short Game!

Golfers all love that solid, true drive off tee straight down the fairway ... but if truth be told the short game close to and on green is just as important!

Here are 16 instructional videos covering all aspects of the short game, all by Head Teaching PGA Pro Jonathan Jacobson:

Putting, followed by Chip & run and last but not least Bunkers.

First 5 videos on how to get your game on green going:

2....Gripping the Putter
4....Distance and Control
5....Long Putt

What if you land close to green but need to chip for it or use a pitch shot?

These videos will show you how:

6....Chip & Run
7....High Chip & Run
8....Long Chip & Run
9....Practice Drills

Bunkers made easy

Most golfers have great deal of respect for (not to say fear of!) bunkers.

Well, after watching - and practising what Pro Jonathan Jacobson shows you - you won't fear bunkers at all!

He shows you not just how to hit out a "normal" bunker, but also what to do when the ball is plugged, how to set up and swing when the bunker slopes upwards, or downwards, and much more.

Here are the last 6 titles:

11...Upslope Bunkers
12...Plug Lay
13...Lob Shot
14...Downslope Lay
15...Hard Pan Lay
16...Upslope Lay

Just over 26 minutes of solid and useful golf teaching!

Your short game will guaranteed improve within a few weeks, your self confidence will grow and you will see your scores go down!

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