16 Golf Videos Improving Your Long Game!

PGA Pro Jonathan Jacobson - head teaching Pro -has produced 16 instruction videos covering all aspects of golf from tee to fairway.

34 minutes of solid gold!

He shows you in clear detail and with easy explanations what is important regarding stance, posture, grip, swing and release and lastly how to position the different clubs you have in your bag.

16 videos in total, starting with stance, posture and grip:

2....Position In Stance
5....Interlock Grip
6....Grip Routine

These videos will show you how to set up properly and take your stance, and the all important grip is covered in detail.

The next section teaches you what is important about your golf swing:

8.....Common Mistakes
10...The Backswing
12...Weight Transfer

Lastly, you have 14 clubs in your bag.

They are all similar - but all different! These video instructions will walk you through how to position your clubs for maximum result.

13...Positioning Your Clubs
14...Positioning The Driver
15...Teeing The Driver
16...Handling The Driver

Imagine your first drive ... everyone is watching ... and you place the ball in the middle of the fairway for an effortless second shot to or close to green!

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